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2022 Martin Whatson XL slapwraps

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2022 Martin Whatson XL slapwraps THIS

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2022 Martin Whatson hengerefleks

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Martin Whatson is this year’s designer of the safety reflectors for the annual Safety Reflector day 2022 directed by The Norwegian Council for Road Safety.

Whatson has become an international street art phenomenon as well as a pioneer within the genre of street art in Norway. Since his time as a young boy, curiously studying the graffiti art decorating the railways in the 90’s, Whatson has steadily climbed the creative ladder, with his artwork now being displayed on buildings and galleries all over the world.

As clearly shown in his art, Whatson a very socially engaged artist. Which is why he decided to take on the task of designing this year’s safety reflector collection for The Norwegian Council for Road Safety. And we are honored to have the opportunity to distribute his artwork, as well as having it be a means of contribution towards traffic safety.

Using reflectors is all about being visible. Designing reflectors for Trygg Trafikk is a great parallel to my own work, which is also about capturing people’s attention in the street scene. If my collaboration with The Norwegain Council for Road Safety leads to more people choosing to use safety reflectors, then we have reached our goal, says Martin Whatson.

Safety reflectors:  A safety reflector is a light reflector intended for pedestrians, runners, motorized and non-motorized vehicles. A safety reflector aids visibility of a person or vehicle on the road, as it reflects light from other vehicles. Safety reflectors are especially useful for making pedestrians visible in traffic when its dark.

Safety reflectors are sometimes called luminous badges or luminous tags, but this is incorrect as they do not themselves produce light, but only reflect it.

Hengerefleks består av to design; hjerte (76×68 mm) og painter (40×100 mm). Settet leveres i papirpose med sticker. Trygg Trafikk refleks-tag er montert på refleksene sammen med kulekjede, tråd og sikkerhetsnål.

Refleksen er CE-godkjent ihht til den europeiske standarden EN13356

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